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Can you wear eye make up with lash extensions?

Mascara is a big NO NO with Russian Volume lashes. Mascara will clump to the extensions closing your lash fans that will result in your lashes losing their fluffy and full appearance. Mascara is also difficult to removed without damaging the lash extensions. 

Other eye make up such as eye shadow and eyeliner are fine. We recommend the use of non water proof eyeliners for ease of removal as you will need to oil free make up remover. Oil based products deteriorates the adhesive on your lash extensions. 


Can anyone have lash extensions?

Lash extensions are suitable for almost everyone. Margaret will conduct a assessment of your natural lashes to ensure the right weight, thickness and length is only applied to your lashes along with consider any sensitivities or allergies to map out the perfect set of extension to suit your eyes and your needs. 

Do lash extensions damage your natural lashes? 

If lash extensions are applied correctly and the right type selected to suit your natural lash, extensions do not cause damage. It important to know your in safe hands when it comes to lash extensions making sure your lash artist is up to date with current industry training and with the latest advances in techniques and product.

What is Russian Volume?

As the name suggest this technique is from Russia and provide a soft fluffy full look. 

This technique involved using 2-5 lightweight extensions thats are hand picked and applied to the natural lash in a fan shape.  They give a much fuller look without the weight.  Margaret hand makes each fan that is applied and is often why you can hear her getting excited about her fans. 

How long will the extensions last? 

Eyelash extension will last the length of your natural growth cycle and will simply fall off when you natural lash sheds. 

Did you know you shed 2-3 natural lashes a day? 

To maintain your luscious lashes you will need to book in for refill every 3 weeks. 

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